Lost Goon Show, Part 7

I woke up on the Goon Show.  Spike Milligan was playing his trumpet.  Peter Sellers walked in the room and demanded that I go on a diet.  Bananas nothing but bananas for three weeks.  Spike and Peter can never leave the Goon Show.  They rarely have female guests.  They like to do the female voices.  It’s an easy laugh.  Spike says that he wants to kill Peter Sellers.  He’s quite odd.  I’m not sure that he means it.  Spike is having trouble sleeping.  He is having difficulty writing the next Goon Show.  I told them that the Goon Show has been off the air for over 50 years, but he doesn’t believe me.  He doesn’t ask me any personal questions.  Comics are a self-absorbed lot, I suppose.


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