The 11th dimension

In Poi, there is a trick called the “hyperlink”.  This is when you swing your poi together so that knot briefly in mid-air, before you rip them apart eloquently.  It’s quite fancy and right now almost impossible to master. 

This made me think of Laura visiting Peter Sellers, who is stuck on The Goon Show with Spike Milligan for the rest of time infinite.  She visits in the middle of a hyperlink, in one of the infinite parallel universes. I like the word infinite.

Which got me thinking, about poi again, and the split second knot hyperlink move.

Or am I the Goon Show? Am I Laura? And if so, how long have I been Laura? Does Laura always know that she is Laura, or does she think that she is someone else? Is that why she is visiting Peter Sellers? 

Is Peter Sellers possessed by a demon, or is a superfreak, a man without a true “personality”? 

Does Spike Milligan want to kill him because he is possessed by a demon, or does Spike think that it’s all a big joke? 

Do they know they are in a parallel universe?  Does Laura?

Does Laura want to fuck Peter Sellers?  Does Laura want to become Peter Sellers? Does she want to become assimilated?

I am now as 200 plus pages and I still have no conclusions, only questions.

Edit this, bitch.


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