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Read in between the lines. Observe people. Don’t listen to gossip. Gossip is intended to distort the intended target. Gossip is the refuge of the incompetent. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Reserve judgement. Remember, you are quick to judge people that you don’t like because something about them confuses or scares you. Look closer.

Christ, the Superstar spread out on his Cross

                  Afer the Holy Sonnets   A blond girl looks at me from her pew. Her lips are pink and full.  Her mother sits next to her: a wizened, bronze creature. Her daughter kicks her legs in tempo to the sermon.  She snaps her purse open and shut.  She taps the floor with her […]

After “Harriet and Lizzie”

After “Harriet and Lizzie” for Robert Lowell Admit that you looked into my heart before You were born, Harriet, and I’ll admit That Mother never wanted me out of her clasp. The tears I never shed hounded And drowned her like her liquor. My old flame, who would guess I could write a poem for […]

Temple of Poi 2007 Fire Performance in Union Square

mFireFly Conspiracy This may amuse me more than others, but this is some footage from the performance on 4/29/2007, live at Union Square.  It was a pretty cool shot for beginners like us to open the show.  The TRUE HIGHLIGHTS of the show were the experienced pros like Glittergirl, Mike ICON, Shredder, and a Different Kind of Spin.  A few […]


Peter Sellers and Poi and the feudalism of theatre despots

The more Poi I spin the more I think about Peter Sellers. I have one month to finish my re-write of him, and it’s driving me a little batty.  People at work talk to me, and I can’t concentrate on what they are saying because I am focusing on Peter Sellers.  24 hours of Peter […]

The 11th dimension

In Poi, there is a trick called the “hyperlink”.  This is when you swing your poi together so that knot briefly in mid-air, before you rip them apart eloquently.  It’s quite fancy and right now almost impossible to master.  This made me think of Laura visiting Peter Sellers, who is stuck on The Goon Show […]

Lost Goon Show, Part 7

I woke up on the Goon Show.  Spike Milligan was playing his trumpet.  Peter Sellers walked in the room and demanded that I go on a diet.  Bananas nothing but bananas for three weeks.  Spike and Peter can never leave the Goon Show.  They rarely have female guests.  They like to do the female voices.  […]

Welcome to The Goon Show. We are Infinite.

I woke up on The Goon Show.  Spike walked in the room with my luggage. He was dressed up like a humpback.  He had an eye-patch and a pillow stuffed under his shirt.  He thinks he’s being funny. I told him that he is dead, or was dead, or would be dead shortly, he got a good […]